Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"everytime you get a job, someone else gets cut"

I hear this line everytime someone talks about how hard it is to break into the makeup artistry business. earlyer i was on the NARS website, andi was thinking, dosnt that apply to any job?

lets say, you decide on a career in business, you send out a million resumes, and eventually you get a job, so doesn't allot of other applicants to that job, get "cut" out of that job? and for all the resumes you sent out that didn't get a reply, didn't you get "cut" out of that job opportunity?

that apples to waitresses, carpenters, welders, scientist, nurses, receptionist, teachers. every time you get a job, someone else gets "cut" out of that job opportunity, every time you dont get a job offer after sending out a resume, don't you get cut out of that opportunity?

same apples with fashion designers trying to get a big break, when you do, someone else is getting cut out of that break, or athletes, or rock bands, or singers, or companies trying to get off the ground.

so why is this always said of makeup artistry, when it can apply to any profession?

PS i found a website today, its called and it has descriptions of alot of products that makeup artists use in there kit, and why they use it, i really liked the site, you should go check it out.

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