Saturday, April 4, 2009

my in-person interview

I had my in person interview yesterday. (April 3rd) and got accepted into the program,

it started off by the director asking me some questions, all the basics. like how i plan on communiting to the school, and how i found out about the school, ect. and then she took me on a tour of the school, its a nice school, we went around when all the students were in class still, so i got to see how the class enviorment was. i seen the glamour stage, and i seen alot of young girls with huge fake beards on. that was funny. and i got to see the special effect level, and seen them putting on huge wounds and burns on people, and seen some work in progress for the prostetics.

Then she took me back to her office, and showed me some work of the students and teachers. and asked me some more questions, and asked me if i had any questions, so i asked her some, and got good answers, my first question was about the kit that i would be getting. then i asked her about how the grading system works, and the daily class timetable. then we disscused the tuition, and how i plan on paying for it, and got that worked out, then the meeting was over,

I think i found my school, :)