Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bought some of my supplies today :)

little bit early, but i couldnt resist when it was all sitting right in front of me at the store. i bought some brush cleaner (cover FX 13.00) eyelash curler(QUO 849) tweezers, (revlon8.99) and some makeup sponges round and wedges(QUO 5.00&4.50)

i still need to get some strip lashes, Qtips, facial tissue, eye makeup remover, cleanser, toner moisturizer. and 2 binders, hightlighters and pens, then im all set for school to begin,

im so excited, i tried to leave it all alone, but i reasoned with myself, that i need to test the brush cleaner to see if it works, and how fast it dries, and when i was using it, the water started ot run clean almost instantly, and i thought, oh, this works good its already clean, but i re did it, and it was all dirty agian, so its kinda misleading. but it was dry with in a half a hour, ( i finally convinced my sister to let me clean her blush brush, i used the need to try out my brush cleaner as a excuse,

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