Thursday, February 4, 2010

"makeup haul/collection" videos on youtube

IN the last few weeks I've watched ALOT of makeup collection videos on YouTube, I'm OBSESSED with them i watch them almost everyday,but the thing i noticed with alot of them, is the amount of mascaras they own! i have to admit I'm kinda concerned for the health of their eyes! mascara is only good for three months, and they cant honestly say they use up the entire tube on that time frame, and they probably cant keep track of when they bought each and everyone! so alot, if not most of them are probably old, i think its perfectly healthy to own different ones that do different things, but owning 22 isn't necessary!

BUT i do admire them for being ABLE to buy that much makeup, as a makeup artist its a part of the job to own all kinds of makeup, and when i watch them i have a big urge to shop for more makeup, which is why ive taken to watching them at night time when everything is closed, because i watch them, see a new item, and then go out and buy them! and thats not great for my expenses!

Friday, January 8, 2010

changing my name

my blog name anyways, im no longer a "soon to be" makeup artist, i AM a makeup artist,. so this title no longer applys............any suggestions?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bought some of my supplies today :)

little bit early, but i couldnt resist when it was all sitting right in front of me at the store. i bought some brush cleaner (cover FX 13.00) eyelash curler(QUO 849) tweezers, (revlon8.99) and some makeup sponges round and wedges(QUO 5.00&4.50)

i still need to get some strip lashes, Qtips, facial tissue, eye makeup remover, cleanser, toner moisturizer. and 2 binders, hightlighters and pens, then im all set for school to begin,

im so excited, i tried to leave it all alone, but i reasoned with myself, that i need to test the brush cleaner to see if it works, and how fast it dries, and when i was using it, the water started ot run clean almost instantly, and i thought, oh, this works good its already clean, but i re did it, and it was all dirty agian, so its kinda misleading. but it was dry with in a half a hour, ( i finally convinced my sister to let me clean her blush brush, i used the need to try out my brush cleaner as a excuse,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"everytime you get a job, someone else gets cut"

I hear this line everytime someone talks about how hard it is to break into the makeup artistry business. earlyer i was on the NARS website, andi was thinking, dosnt that apply to any job?

lets say, you decide on a career in business, you send out a million resumes, and eventually you get a job, so doesn't allot of other applicants to that job, get "cut" out of that job? and for all the resumes you sent out that didn't get a reply, didn't you get "cut" out of that job opportunity?

that apples to waitresses, carpenters, welders, scientist, nurses, receptionist, teachers. every time you get a job, someone else gets "cut" out of that job opportunity, every time you dont get a job offer after sending out a resume, don't you get cut out of that opportunity?

same apples with fashion designers trying to get a big break, when you do, someone else is getting cut out of that break, or athletes, or rock bands, or singers, or companies trying to get off the ground.

so why is this always said of makeup artistry, when it can apply to any profession?

PS i found a website today, its called and it has descriptions of alot of products that makeup artists use in there kit, and why they use it, i really liked the site, you should go check it out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

how often do you clean your makeup brushes?

the other day, i was with my sister, and she was doing her makeup. and i lookd at her blush brush, and it was pretty much stained pink from blush, andi asked her if she ever cleans it, and she said never, because its "such a hassle" she claims that when she does its wet for 5 days. ( which got me thinking about the mildew that must have built up form that much moisture for so long)
i have no idea what shes talking about, so i ask the ovbious question, does she dry it, of let it sit on a towel over night, and she claims that she did, but i dont believe her, i wash my bruhses when i ever remember to, which is about 4 or 3 times a month, the usual once a week bit, and there always dry the next morning.
so i tried to convince her that its better if she does, because, the bacteria that piles up in the brushes causes acne, or bad skin, and she says, "Where'd you read that? cosmo?" in a totally sarcastic voice, and i tried to convince her that its a actual fact, but she brushed it off, and went on with her makeup.
maybe i should have went with "makeup goes on better when you have a clean brush" probably would have considered it if i said that,

how often do you clean your makeup brushes? how do you do it?

PS, i will be writing a blog about the difference in between using a makeup brush cleanser, and the wipes, and using shampoo, and soap, sometime in the future.

Monday, May 4, 2009

RIMMEL LONDON "volume flash" mascara

I have been using this mascara in extreme black for a while now, and I'm in need of a new one soon. i like this mascara, but i think the description on the tube, is inaccurate. it says INSTANT THICKENING MASCARA. but i don't think it adds any thickness no my eyelashes, but it does add ALOT of length.

WHILE USING THE PRODUCT- i bought it because it says instant thickening mascara, but it didn't add any thickening at all, other than the obvious adding from the fact that I'm adding something to my eyelashes, but i added so much length, and when i curled my eyelashes they pretty much reached my eyebrows. which would help if you had short eyelashes, but mine are, average, so it was a little too much length. but if i didn't curl my eyelashes, then they looked just fine.

FINAL VERDICT- buy it if you don't need a thickening mascara, but need length. when i bought it it was only 6.99 CAD, but I'm not sure if the price went up or not, prices are always changing.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

my in-person interview

I had my in person interview yesterday. (April 3rd) and got accepted into the program,

it started off by the director asking me some questions, all the basics. like how i plan on communiting to the school, and how i found out about the school, ect. and then she took me on a tour of the school, its a nice school, we went around when all the students were in class still, so i got to see how the class enviorment was. i seen the glamour stage, and i seen alot of young girls with huge fake beards on. that was funny. and i got to see the special effect level, and seen them putting on huge wounds and burns on people, and seen some work in progress for the prostetics.

Then she took me back to her office, and showed me some work of the students and teachers. and asked me some more questions, and asked me if i had any questions, so i asked her some, and got good answers, my first question was about the kit that i would be getting. then i asked her about how the grading system works, and the daily class timetable. then we disscused the tuition, and how i plan on paying for it, and got that worked out, then the meeting was over,

I think i found my school, :)