Thursday, February 4, 2010

"makeup haul/collection" videos on youtube

IN the last few weeks I've watched ALOT of makeup collection videos on YouTube, I'm OBSESSED with them i watch them almost everyday,but the thing i noticed with alot of them, is the amount of mascaras they own! i have to admit I'm kinda concerned for the health of their eyes! mascara is only good for three months, and they cant honestly say they use up the entire tube on that time frame, and they probably cant keep track of when they bought each and everyone! so alot, if not most of them are probably old, i think its perfectly healthy to own different ones that do different things, but owning 22 isn't necessary!

BUT i do admire them for being ABLE to buy that much makeup, as a makeup artist its a part of the job to own all kinds of makeup, and when i watch them i have a big urge to shop for more makeup, which is why ive taken to watching them at night time when everything is closed, because i watch them, see a new item, and then go out and buy them! and thats not great for my expenses!